Historical Significance of Christmas


Christmas is the most wonderful time to celebrate with our loved ones among Christians. There are lots of customs associated with the festival featuring family togetherness, grand feasts, awaiting of gift bringers, singing Christmas carols and decorating houses.

Like every festival has its own means of origin, Christmas is originated from pagans and Jesus Christ’s birthdays. Some people believe in Pagan origin while some celebrate the day of Jesus birthday. Here we we have given the brief historical significance of Christmas.

Roman pagans were the first to introduce a week long celebration of the Saturnalia festival from 17-25 December. In the era of the 4th century CE, Christians brought into the festival of Saturnalia and succeeded in converting the Pagans into Christians. But there arises a problem, that there was nothing intrinsically Christian in Saturnalia festival. To rectify this, Christians named this day as Jesus’s birthday and celebrated on 25th December.


Origin of Christmas Trees– Christmas trees are the important part of Christmas celebrations. It also has its belief attached to the festival. When pagans celebrate their Saturnalia festival, they used to worship trees in the forest and bring them into their home and decorate their home with these trees. So, this observance was adopted by Christians naming the trees as a Christmas tree.

Origin of gift giving – In pre christian Rome, emperors necessitated their despised citizens to bring gifts and offering for them. Later, this ritual is exercised by normal people. Catholics gave this custom a Christian flavor of Saint-Nicholas, a gift bringer for the people. Since then, the Santa Claus has been the gift bringer for kids and children, which is the most exciting part of Christmas celebrations.

Origin of mistletoe – Mistletoe is supposed to bring good luck on Christmas. So people hang these plants in their home as the part of the decorations. The tradition of hanging them in the houses has originated from the times of the ancient Druids. When Christians came to Western Europe, some of them denied the use of mistletoe for decorations in churches, but many still continued their use. Also, the original custom of kissing under the mistletoe is originated from England.

Therefore, as early as 273 AD, Western Christians decided to celebrate the Jesus Christ’s birthday on 25th December as a ‘Christmas’.

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Christmas card Ideas for Your Beloved Ones

Christmas is the time for exchanging gifts, participating in ceremonies, enjoyment and celebration. People are seen following various exciting traditions and customs for the occasion in various different parts of the world. The tradition of sending festive wishes through Christmas cards is also very popular amongst folks. It keeps everyone close to your heart and adds more happiness to the celebrations this festival. Everyone adores receiving Christmas cards. It is a way to show your loved ones that how much you care for them. Christmas cards are the special and most affordable gifts for the season to stay in touch with all the different people in life. Sending Christmas cards to your close ones shows that you have not forgotten them and how much you love them. Image 

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Check Out New year Resolutions…


A New Year resolution is a vow that an entity put forward to oneself for accomplishing something. It calls for a better lifestyle. A New Years Resolution is generally made to achieve or accomplish in the coming year. A key element to a New Years Resolution that it stands above from other resolutions is that it is made in expectation and inceptions in the New Year. These promises are made on the very first day of the year and it is supposed to be fulfilled with devotion and dedication with the end of the year.

It is said that, A New Years resolution is something that goes in one Year and out the other. New Year is the perfect time to have a glimpse on the past and make strategy for the future. In an endeavor to upgrade our lifestyle in the following year many people make New Year Resolution ideas. A few only accomplish, and usually many fail. Idyllically, New Years resolution should effective until the target is accomplished. However, it has been observed that most of the New Year Resolution are broken fairly shortly after they are made.

The catalog of resolutions is a never-ending list. Different people come up with thousands of innovative resolutions every year. Some remain abandoned, while some are fulfilled. The New Year resolutions help plan for the next year.

These resolutions made during the New Year or taken on any occasion have a religious implication. This tradition commenced with Judaisms New Year, Rosh Hashanah, where everyone was expected “to reflect upon ones wrongdoings over the year and both seek and offer forgiveness.” This practice helps in ones self- enhancement. Moreover, today everyone follows this tradition every Year, on the 1st of January and even on other occasions also.

The other story says that early Babylonians commenced the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions. Their foremost resolution was to return rented ranch apparatus and begin the New Year with a fresh schedule. Some people take it as the pledges given to God and following their resolutions with sincerity, He will grant them prosperity and breaking it will bring them all bad luck.

It’s a fresh start to a new and improved life. Make this year the year you make good on your New Years resolutions and avoid common pitfalls.
Common New Year Resolutions
•    Donate to the poor more often
•    Become more environmentally responsible
•    Lose weight
•    Get Fit
•    Concentrate more on studies
•    Become more assertive
•    Become more cost-effective
•    Quit smoking, drinking and other such habits
•    Get a Better Job
•    Eat Right
•    Get a Better Education
•    Get out of Debt
•    bank funds
•    Get a Better Mark on the Report Card (such as 90% up)
•    trim down tension
•    Take a spree
•    Be more independent
•    Learn something new
•    Volunteer to Help Others
•     Be Less grouchy
Other than this, there are some funny New Year resolutions also and to make this tradition more prominent some New Year resolution quotes are there.

New Year 2012


New Year 2011 is the end of one year and beginning of the other New year 2012. Most countries across the globe follow the Gregorian calendar and celebrate their New Years Day on January 1. In several countries, January 1 is a holiday.  It has brought along a lot of joy, happiness, hopes and aspirations. It would enable you to fulfill all your dreams and ambitions. Arrival of New Year signifies beginning with new hopes and aspirations by taking off the old worries and woes. New Year has become a national festival.

The New Year day is the new beginning, obviously it calls for a celebration. Its oldest of all the holidays, celebrated across the globe. In order to bid good-bye to the passing year and welcoming the upcoming year people celebrate in their own ways. Some do parties, freak out for a vacation etc. With all new aspirations and happy feeling people greet each other and give wishes, an another tradition of new year is giving gifts to the loved ones. People convey their feelings with gestures and gifts wishing them good health, happiness and prosperity. Feast and fiesta are an integral part of New Years Day celebrations.

The conjectures are not yet ceased about what’s gonna happen in the new year. As it is prophesized that, the world will come to an end in the upcoming year in 2012. Well, for now just dump all those thoughts and deem about hard-hitting parties to welcome New Year 2012.

New Year Eve marks the commencement of the celebration for the approaching year. The people here in United States commemorate the big day with parades, concerts, parties, get together, gift giving, music, sojourns and fireworks and most commonly shopping to bid an adieu to the passing year in the cheerful note.

The best time to make resolutions for the impending year. Everyone Pledges to single out good habits and permitting the old ill ones. Late night parties and open jamborees are organized at every home and hotels of the cities, as it’s an integral part of the occasion. Splendid fiesta, melodies, bops, and liquor are common in these New Year bashes.

When we commemorate any occasion with our near and dear ones ones, the cheerfulness just doubles. For this reason, the latest collection of new year wishes, messages, quotes are a great idea to express your love and affection to your loved ones.  Happy new year to all of you!

New Year Greeting Cards


Yep, next year is approaching fast! Its like it has reached our door step. So put your party hats on and raise a toast to this celebration. New Year is a blissful time, the most cherished one. Moreover, everyone is in a party mood it brings people from different parts and religions together in merry making. In addition, to our loved ones this is the time we can express our feelings, affections, and make them realize how special they are to us and how much we love them through these special and exclusive new year greetings cards with new year greeting quotes and new year card jokes in it.

To give it a personal touch some people create it with unique and beautiful New Year card designs. Like the home decorations there are new year card decorations also, to beautify these cards like by pasting pictures, icons, candies etc.

People all around the world are gearing up to celebrate this stirring occasion all over. So, club in the celebrations, with the congenial people. In this internet-savvy age, e-cards have also become a part of the celebration of the New Year, without spending a single dime. Make it a part in your festivities and show our loved ones, how much you care. Greet the New Year in their lives…with elegance!

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